Thursday, 17 September 2015


Yesterday I attended an interview for admission onto the Ed.D. I had visions of being quizzed about Derrida, Bourdieu and my instinctive leanings towards positivism and how I can overcome this. In the morning, my brain had a slight existential meltdown as I considered my possible thesis questions, and decided that there was know way I could really 'know' anything, except through my white, middle-class 21st century eyes, so what was the point?

The interview, however, was a gentle chat about how I'd come to the decision that I wanted to do the Ed.D, and what possible areas my interests lay in for a thesis, to see if they aligned with expertise within the department. It was lovely. I couldn't stop talking. It sounds as though I've been accepted (hurrah!) but I have to wait for official confirmation. The cohort size will be around 10, so hopefully I will overcome my natural reticence to talking in groups pretty quickly and be able to contribute. That's something I will have to force myself to do, along with networking. wallflowers don't get anywhere - I need to make the most of this opportunity to develop myself not just academically but other skills, too.

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