Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Assignment 1 - some tutor comments

These are just brief notes of things the tutor said, in no particular order, and with no interpretation...

  • Locate the work within the professional setting - make it contextualised
  • Make it conceptually sophisticated - this is level 8!
  • Write yourself into the assignment; place yourself in that context, using reflexivity, the influence of the subjective self in research
  • Start with a short biographical narrative: who I am, what I do and why the question is significant to me.
  • Positionality: the understanding of where you are positioned within the research paradigms/ How do you want to be judged? What standards and criteria should be used? This relates to the philosophical underpinnings of the research. Hopefully it will follow through to the thesis.
  • Develop a discussion around different frameworks, honing in on a particular perspective relevant to who I am, my research interests, and how it will go.
  • Where do I stand in relation to these deep ontological views?
  • Collect empirical data, interpret it and theorise around it.

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